Incels role in primal nature

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Incels role in primal nature

Post by reg509 » April 5th, 2019, 4:45 am

Many incel posts often have a theme of referring to the animalistic instincts of apes and primal humans to make a point about modern society. Though certain aspects vary, we all seem to be on the same page that key primal attitudes towards mating are still just as present in modern society as they were in the stone age. We all seem to mention it here and there in our posts but no one ever talks soley about the concept, so I figured it try to make a definitive thread for discussing it. The concept really interests me because it was actually a big part of my former bluepill outlook on life.

When I was bluepilled, I believed firmly in the notion that our sentience and superior intelligence is what separated humans from the animal kingdom. The ability to question the purpose of our existence, to realize what we truly are on a cosmic scale. That's what makes us a higher evolved species, superior to the rest of nature. In that superiority to nature, we'd left behind it's former principles such as ape-like notions of masculinity and other tribalistic virtues we used to rely on as a primitive species. This is the reason that lesser males like us are allowed to survive in modern times.

I operated under that bluepill philosophy back when I was young, ignorant and still had faith in humanity. I always kept that in mind when approaching girls or attempting to belong socially. I knew I wasn't attractive or socially outgoing, but I thought "it won't matter cuz we're an evolved species that's beyond acting like animals" yet every time I tired to ask out a girl or belong to a group of extroverts, I always experienced rejection more akin to those primitive behaviors we supposedly "left behind" when we evolved.

Throughout my teenage years I continued learning the truth and naturally became blackpilled. Humans are just as animalistic and tribalistic now as they've ever been. The unfortunate males cursed genetically from birth are still at the bottom of the barrel, just the same as sub-Alpha gorillas forced into a life of celibacy and subservience. Nothing has changed.
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Re: Incels role in primal nature

Post by randomuser123 » April 5th, 2019, 10:06 am

Incels are like cancerous cells and show the signal of degeneracy and self destruction of society..when something goes wrong you see the weakest start to turn against themselves and stuff.
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Re: Incels role in primal nature

Post by lordoftheincels » April 5th, 2019, 5:47 pm

It is not weak to be Human.

Humans evolved as the weakest apes in the jungle, with the most brains. If anything, high IQ incels are the true humans and hulking brutes are the npcs.
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