why hate exists

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Re: why hate exists

Post by Ocelot » May 17th, 2019, 6:57 pm

tremor wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 7:58 pm
kenobyte wrote:
May 13th, 2019, 7:55 pm
No, you didn't. You still have normal amount of it. I got some surgery some time ago, for medical reasons. Now I have no testosterone at all, just the one I take to keep healty. I can tell you: when you have REALLY no T, you can see women for what they are. I think (I hope) later in your life, let's say ~40, T will drop dramatically and you will be close to my state.

Anyhow, with no T you are FREE. Your eyes aren't automatically staring each cleavage, you don't have the impulse to look advertisement where nice women are depicted, and so on. And I can tell you: this is a bless.

Their bodies have NO POWER on you.

Without the filter of T. which makes you see women in a way they aren't, you just realize what they are actually. Being honest, I could have a sexual life, just going from the bare minimum of hormones to the amount my doctor tells is needed to have again a "normal" life. I said NO, thanks. Without testosterone we are free. This hormone is a curse.

Women aren't interested at sex, neither at "love": this only exists in men minds, and mostly because of a powerful chemistry of testosterone. Everything women are aiming to is someone to support and protect them during their parenting project. Sure, parenting requires some sex, which will give you the feeling they like "sex", where actually they like the first phase of parenting. Which is the only project they care of.

So basically what you want is a parasite which will drain your youth and your money, and you seem sad because you didn't got one. I am just observing this forum since I while, but now I just felt the urse to tell about my experience.
What have we here? A MGTOWcel coper? Nice. Cope harder. Chad can get a female to beta bux him but you all go on how "wymyn want us for le money". No, most jobs are so meme that even wymyn can do this and, thanks to affirmativr action and other tutorial mode stuff, some of them are even earnmogging men. Money is the best cope, but still a cope. A huge one.
The red pill just replaces bluepilled delusions about how wahmen care about personality, with wahmen caring about personality... and "money" in the case of a lot of MGTOWs which isn't true at all.
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