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Re: ungrateful

Post by tremor » February 22nd, 2019, 1:20 pm

albie wrote:
February 22nd, 2019, 1:13 pm
"I'm a girl, I'm worth more than a man therefore I can get men better looking than me while my male counterparts get nothing because all they have is balls and spunk and I have a womb! A fuсking WOMB FOR GROWING BABIES IN! THAT'S WHY I AM WORTH MORE THAN MEN!"
Btw this is why feminiѕts will never achieve their ultimate goal of having all sub-Chad annihilated. Ugly females, impregnated by Chad, still carry incel genes in themselves. Some of the incubators will continue giving birth to new incels. That's the rub, it's not fair that only ugly men get nothing as opposed to ugly females. Also it's the actual reason many incels hate ugly girls, not their looks, they'd settle for anything by definition. It's actually envy. No incel ever can date a Stacy, but even 1/10 females can get Tyrone or Chad.
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Re: ungrateful

Post by lordoftheincels » February 22nd, 2019, 5:39 pm

This is a broken world...I view most blue pilled people as insane.

It's insanity to go through life inherently believing you are worthless. Ie. "Fix your personality bro, make more money bro, find out what a woman wants bro" Meanwhile competing with 100 other losers in the same boat as you. Insane.

Then reading articles of women being legitimately traumatized by online randoms who want to have casual sex. Women hate the very essence of the male. Yet blue pills are cool with this. The system where all subchad males are to go through life as second class citizens who must "prove" their worth to gain a lottery ticket at love.
Bluepill is a delusion. It is only truth in the eyes of normies.
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