We are the new generation of conservatives.

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We are the new generation of conservatives.

Post by reg509 » March 14th, 2019, 9:54 pm

I got promoted to the approved submitters club! Yay!! I hope this thread doesn't get me kicked out.

DISCLAIMER: I use the word conservative not necessarily in the political sense, but in the sense of the word's literal definition "holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, an opposition to modernism in favor of returning to "the way things were."" For this reason I don't consider the vast majority of modern republicans or any of those weird right wing movements like the "alt-right" or whatever to be true conservatives, despite that they may label themselves as such. I consider a true conservative to be someone who tries to live life like it's the 50's. These days that's mostly old sacks of bones who were around in the 50's. They usually spend all their time talking about how things were "so much better back in my day." That's what I call a true conservative.

I'm not trying to argue politics. I'm merely pointing out my observation that during my time on this website I've noticed that some key incel beliefs happen to coincide with a few key conservative beliefs.

We're both strongly against feminists and SJWs. We both yearn to recreate a time when society had radically different social and moral standards. A time when sl*t shaming was still a thing, for both women and men. It was looked down upon for women to wear skimpy outfits in public just to tease men. A time when women were feminine, compassionate, and knew their role to play in life. Marriage was the norm and divorce was looked down upon. There were far less women in the workplace, meaning you wouldn't be turned down from a job just because a female boss doesn't want to look at your ugly face every day.

Now I'm not saying we are or will become exactly like conservatives of the 50's ideologically. There's plenty of things us and conservatives don't necessarily agree on, like religion. Most Incels seem to either not believe in the existence of a god or if they do they resent him for putting us into such shitty lives.

My main point is this: In 20 or so years, after all the old conservatives alive now are dead, who's going to replace them as the only remaining group that still advocates for LESS female "empowerment" and the return of morality in dating? Isn't that kind of what's already happening now? A generation of normies bluepilled by a society ruled by feminazis and SJWs has come to dismiss everything we say on the grounds that we're just mentally inept losers, but in fact we're actually having intelligent discussions about important things like men's rights and morality. How are we any different from those old people our generation collectively dismisses as "kooks living in the past?"

Plz don't kick me out of the club.
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Re: We are the new generation of conservatives.

Post by lordoftheincels » March 20th, 2019, 6:33 pm

Millennials are talentless cucks that dont have the discipline to create a society.

Males of the 50s usually had better genes. I'm not sure how ugly males fared back then, in terms of incelitus.

The 50s was a more casual era of society. You could leave your car unlocked because people had morals back then. Back then you weren't paranoid of your neighbors. It was a gentler time.

Back then work actually meant something, because the economy wasn't so busted. Women didn't have to work 3 jobs just to pay rent. Banks didn't tyrannically control every aspect of society and people were allowed to have decent lives. Nowadays the 1% hoardes all the money and everyone is slaves.

It was a more ignorant time, and ignorance can be bliss for those on the lucky end of it.

If not morals, at least focus on the money.
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Re: We are the new generation of conservatives.

Post by freakingloser427 » Today, 2:09 am

Genius. I'd be glad to fill in as a 1950's era conservative seeing as I'm already a right-leaning moderate.
"Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war."
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