Why I hate hate almost all women

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Why I hate hate almost all women

Post by bcroger2 » March 14th, 2019, 3:07 pm

ugly/fat women-hate them because they are ugly and fat. Does not matter if they like me or not. Ugly and fat women are gross to look at and an eye sore. I work as a bank teller while currently in grad. school and my boss is an obese Hispanic lady. I hate her because she is obese and can't stand looking at this vile, hideous, disgusting, filthy, creature based on its looks alone.

Attractive women-hate them because they only want to go out with Chads. Rude and Narcissistic. They could be as dumb as a door knob but think they are some kind of god because they were born attractive.

Average looking and elderly women- This is where the grey area starts. Dislike the narcissistic ones but some of them are OKAY.
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Re: Why I hate hate almost all women

Post by randomuser123 » March 14th, 2019, 6:04 pm

Personally even if attractive women don't want me I got far more positive vibes when I approached attractive girls instead of the ugly, fat ones. Really a confident, above average one don't have as much insecurities and don't try to put you down just to make herself feel better, where as the ugly, fat ones are more likely to make jokes on you to put their imaginal self on a better pedestal. Average women are indeed grey zone and most guys will probadly settle down with them for a long term relationship.
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