Rawls, Justice, and inceldom

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Re: Rawls, Justice, and inceldom

Post by igorsunderstudy95 » March 14th, 2019, 5:49 pm

This is very eloquently put, I've been looking for people with a more complex point of view in the community, and if you don't mind I'd love to exchange stories regarding some basic experiences.

I would never ask anyone share without being expected to contribute just as much, but I have a reason for desiring others' answers. I am hoping to gain credibility in the public eye, although we should have no reason to need to defend our viewpoints. You don't have to respond, and I am attempting to phrase the questions in a rather objective manner.

1) Why do you identify with the term incel?
-what drew you to labeling as one?
2) Do you view your sexlessness to be caused by your social standing previously stated?
3) Reiterate what makes your celibacy not voluntary please?
4) Is a woman’s true place in the hierarchy below that of a man?
5) So you got a good idea of the typical Chad where you grew up?
6) How have you been denied by women?
7) Do you think the issues regarding the unfair dating scene are the fault of society, just as ignorance is rampant?
8) Would you rank yourself as having a high SMV?
9) Are you scared of finding a woman, only to find out she’s only interested because she has already hit the wall?

My answers to these questions are pretty simple

1- I'm ugly and nobody wants me
2- Of course, otherwise the "preferred" aesthetic wouldn't be a true problem
3- *see number 1*
4- Maybe so, they're too indecisive, and willing to follow societal norms
5- I know I did, and it sounds like you did too. Bullying ain't fun
6- Just about however one can be... I'm not even much of an introvert, so I think I've made my feelings known
7- Duh, otherwise we wouldn't be referring to ourselves and others as Beta males or Alphas and the like
8- On a scale from one to ten... I like to give myself at least a 3. It makes me feel at least mediocre on a daily basis
9- Yeah, that's scary ѕhit, but I guess thinking this one over seriously makes you a volcel
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