You're not DOING something wrong, you're BEING something wrong


Over before it began
I am not responsible for inheriting an ugly face

I am not responsible for inheriting neuroticism

I am not responsible for inheriting a retаrded voice

I am not responsible for inheriting baldness and receding hairlines

These were all given to me by genetics and random chance. They are unchangeable.

I didn't choose them, so I'm not responsible for the results they produce. I don't worry about what foids think any more because I didn't cause this mess and there is nothing I can do. Yet i definitely still want a gf and sex but i cant have that because im ugly.


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The poker card game analogy is good. When people get dealt a good hand they have a high chance to win the prizes in life. When people get a bad hand they usually fold because they know they're going to lose. Incels can either fold(rope) or play their bad odds where it's almost guaranteed failure.

On the side note we have copes. If you have money you can afford a better cope lifestyle. I am going to setup a mancave and pay for a woman to see me weekly. I hope to find a fellow incel friend because I don't like hearing my normie friend talk about his dating and social life when I can't have one.


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People say to us that we're so ugly but it's not like we get to choose our faces.I guess it's in human nature to make fun of someone you consider less superior or dominant looking than yourself


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Although i want to add that not all women hate us.Because when i see an unattractive female i dont hate her but i know that some do hate them.It doesnt change the fact that girls dont find us attractive just want to shoot straight.I am man of science.