"You don't need a relationship man"


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Why is this everyone's go to advice? Whenever I tell people that I've never been in a relationship they always immediately tell me that I don't need one, while they are in one. While they have been in and out of them constantly since freshman year. Instead of telling me that I don't need one and that I should be happy while my friends are off with theirs and I'm alone in my room doing nothing, how about you give me advice on how to get one myself? It's like they know I'm hopeless so there's no advice they can give me, but they won't say it. All they do is spend time with their SO's and talk about them and how much they love them. Yet, they tell me that it's not important and I don't need it, and that it's supposedly more stress than it's worth. If it was that stressful you wouldn't be in it. If it truly didn't make you happier, you wouldn't be in a relationship at all. Why do people always give bad dating advice? do they want us to be miserable forever?



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Mostly this "advice" is posted by betabux, who got laid like once a year, and during this period whilst their girlfriend took them to the cleaners.


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"You will want to be single" because your le gf will hate and torment you for the sin of not being Chad and make more and more ridiculous demands. Their """""personal preferences""""" shouldn't matter tbh.