You can’t “TAKE CHARGE” of your life if your environment is Literally against you.


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Statements like “STOP COMPLAINING” and “TAKE CONTROL” of your life really irritates me. You can’t change ѕhit when your environment is literally against you. When you try to take charge of your life you always have to deal with someone else’s bullshit, they let’s not for get that you are unattractive and not high tier so people always tend to disrespect you. or try to “keep you in your place”. People never try to help you or give advice and if they do give you supposed “advice” then it’s fuсking useless, it’s something they heard from someone else. In order to get that body your looking for your going to have to wait years to get it,unless you have steroids too (which is something not everyone can take or can handle and is illegal) and you have to be consistent in the gym which is a challenge as well. But the problem is is that we as humans do not have time on this earth, and day could be your last so working out is useless and a pain. Oh and let’s not forget those shitty jobs you have to work at with shitty people who would like to keep you down and can care less of your personal problem that your struggling with. They will just tell you the same ѕhit: stop complaining, suck it up. Taking charge of your life is easier said than done. You have people saying that you can fix your problems, to ignore the people that are actually fuсking you over and are succeeding at it but they still want you to push through.


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They don't have an ounce of an idea how hard it truly is... It's like destiny itself is against you, you remain powerless, just watching your life clock being wasted..