Yet another major r/IncelTears poster uncovered as a pedophile!!!


Absolutely SICKENING! Gosh, i had no idea IT was a bunch of child touchers. Not surprised though. I knew they were bullies, but man...they seriously need to stop touching little kids.


Reddit needs to shut that sub down ASAP! They advocate for violence, AND multiple users of the sub have been found guilty of being child molesters. Pretty sick stuff.


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I personally will not rest until smegma's pathetic excuse of life gets ruined. I don't even care for these small fries, they are hypocritical pedos as always. but smegma..he's hiding something much more sinister I just feel it


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Those with extreme desires should join some other site. It doesn't fit here.
Redpillers should be accepted instead of suppressed. Blackpillers alone - except the flooding and spamming shitzos and other psychos - are top quality, but not enough quantity to fight alone….

Let live also redpillers here. And dont make ennemies but allies against bigot femocracy all other hard damaged men….

March separated, but hit unitied!....


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StoicNihilist said:
JFL, they constantly call us pedos, while some of thier most prolific contributors in the past year have been confirmed as pedophiles.

Excellent work to the detectivcel who made this discovery.
It says removed. Is this a truth or fake news?
Its truth. There were screenshots and everything proving an IT poster was a "virtuous pedophile" who was interested in children and even attempted to groom a kid once.

I guess Reddit protects thier own, like the Catholic clergy.


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They don't even mention this place much. They seem only focused on the most extreme posts.
This site for the most part is pretty reasonable, there are SOME scum incels, but they are leftists for sure, so IT mostly leaves them alone or leaves out that they are leftists like they are.