YET another IDIOT simp boyfriend with cheating girlfriend..


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Holy crap.

This is the problem with these kinds of agony aunts, they always blame the men for their girlfriends sucking another guys dick. The truth is she doesn't respect him at all and only uses him for a place to stay, security and money. She cheated on him on average once a year. Once a sl*t always a sl*t and nothing will change that. Her internal hamster needed chad to ravish her. Even after the fourth time her hamster is figuring out ways to fuck another guy.

As soon as this girl makes enough money of her own, this guy will be ditched in a cold fashion, then he will gravitate to cucktow, then eventually black pill.


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Have you ever noticed that all these cucks in the problem page/agony aunts section are always 23-26 years old? "Been with my girlfriend of 4 years" and "she always cheats"?

That means they started their relationships AFTER adolescence (ages 13-17) instead at ages 18-22.
I know agony Aunts lie and withhold important information from men tricking them into accepting their shitty cucked situation like its not unnatural.

But if you read their feminiѕt journals aimed at women they admit "why you can't forget your first teenage love" and admit all relationships outside of adolescence will never compare to teen love.

"Blackpill-- Psychologists confirm the "bond of a girl's first teenage love is as strong as a mother and childs". Something she won't experience again after 3-4 partners.

Blackpill- Ages 15-19: 72% of women and 71% of men had had 0-1 partners, and 17% of women and 17% of men had had 2-4 partners.

PS- and we all know women lie and downplay the amount of sexual partners they've had, so its safe to say after ages 19 it is biologically impossible for females to pairbond. So the post wall (Blackpill after ages 18) "roastie" meme is well deserving.

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In Europe they fuck already with 9 leagalized in childsex and childimpregnation and even tolerated in the felony of only child Pοrn. With 15 theire already fucked out for sex with men without ruining them….

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I know a case in real life. They were engaged. She didn't let him touch her because she wanted to wait until marriage (first simp mistake). Then one summer she went on a beach vacation with her BFF, who had a boyfriend too (second simp mistake). It turns out they went on vacation with Chad and he spent the vacation fuсking them both. The marriage still went ahead and she kept seeing Chad. The cuck is raising Chad's son.