WTF is going on with massive jawlines on foids?


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I think there's something wrong with the food or environment. It's giving foids great bone structure ( most of them end up fat anyways though) and at the same time it's fucking up bone structure of guys.

Just look at the Stacies in netflix shows. The bone structure and jawlines are matching that of their Chad leads. Stacies got better jawlines than even some of their male co-star Chads.

images (13).jpeg

The left one is actually a male. Compare it to the foid on the right.




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Average females dont have those massive jawlines. But on Tv those femichads are very common. Media and Hollywood seem to have a preference for women who look and act dominant.

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Society picks certain types of people (conventionally good looking) and this is part of the issue with lookism in our society.

Not ALL actors are good looking, but the ugly actors are not framed as good looking, and yet society keeps telling us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder


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The media chooses people with the same alpha characteristics. It doesn't matter if they're white, black or asian. They're all verions of Chad or Stacey.


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It is mostly makeup. I've seen a lot of women with puffy necks and double chins do it- they shade it/ blend it in the right places to make it seem more defined. Add to that the angle of the camera, the face they pull etc.
I'm sure they naturally have quite defined jaws but no women ever looks like these models and media women.