Writing a story with an incel character


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I'd like to be as fair to the character and the incel experience as I can. Dealing with anxiety and depression and being a virgin well into adulthood I have had some similar experiences to the generic idea of inceldom. So even though I am sympathetic I am not an incel. So I ask is there anything you guys think should be addressed that helps fairly capture the experience of being an incel or do you have any concerns with how incel or incel-like characters are portrayed in fiction?


EteRnal Evil.
Context, aspiring author, context. Knowing something about the environment, the story background is necessary.

Also, since it's most likely fiction, you are free to describe incel in any way you like. You'll most likely fail to please everyone no matter what exactly you write and how much effort it will take. Nothing doing, life's not fair. Btw incels are a diverse community, it'll ne hard to create a collective image if this is what you want.