Would you date a mentally I'll girl?


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Would you date a girl who is mentally ill and even wants to end their life? And what would you call her, because she's not a Stacy or a Becky? I've seen in this forum asking if people would date a fat ugly girl, but what about a girl that doesn't want to be here, is depressed, etc.? I hope I don't break any rules here, just asking a question.


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even in their mentally ill state, they'd still stray far far away from the incel zone. we are the trolls under the bridge they're crossing. The bridge that leads to chadtopia


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Most women are inherently mentally ill (cluster B personality) so its a rhetorical question.

They say that schizophrenia and narcissism is more common in males, but I just think its accepted as default of females.


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In practice they treat all men better when they're a needy, but once it's over (and it almost always ends), they become completely normal and proceed to fucking Chad. AWALT couldn't be more apparent to those who have seen this. Just wait until she cries shit out on a nice guys' shoulders (one will do, but usually there are many available) and voilà - "depression" ended. You're so sweet and such a good friend, but we need to take it slower, because I'm still pre-wall and can effortlessly get Chad.