Women's standards are only going to get higher and higher


Two of the biggest factors in increasing women's SMV in recent times have been dating apps and feminism, both of which were popularised largely by increasingly powerful technology (ie smartphones) allowing every woman to to promote degeneracy wherever and whenever they want to. Technology doesn't remain stagnant, tinder only came out seven years ago and look at what it has already done to society. Imagine the effects of more advanced apps, for example an app that scans your face and will match you not to your looksmax, but the nearest Chad. How are you supposed to cope as a sub 6 knowing you won't even be shown to women in the future?? and jfl when smart dog collars are released. It's all over.


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Cant be over, because it never began.

Future has hope because women are more and more attached to their iphones, soon they will voluntarily ask to be plugged into the Cloud as cyborgs.

As long as us incels do not join the borg, there is hope.


Destroyer of Soy
Ironically if there are only Chads in the future, this means that women will have to pick men for other reasons.