Women mean nothing to me anymore


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In my younger and more vulnerable years, I fed into the delusion that women are equal to men, but as I gain first-hand experience to this cruel and unyielding world, I learned the truth; women are useless. The only occupations that they should hold are those as sex slaves, maids, and food service. I remember at one point I used to respect these creatures, doing stuff like holding doors for them and helping them with their work, but now I brush them off as if they don't exist. They treated me like shit for the majority of my life, and I have learned that they hold no value to me whatsoever, and now I've been better off since. I used to go to the gym, be extra polite for no reason, and bend over backwards toward their every demand, but now since I recognize them as in inferior, I have been happy ever since. Next time you see a woman, remember that she is inferior to you in every way.


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I stupidly still hold doors for everyone, Hoping there are still decent people out there (both female and male) that will say thank you or do it for another person. It makes society a little nicer and kinder in my opinion.

I completely stopped doing any female who isn't my mother or sister a favor though, Even in exchange for money.

Friends, neighbors, some random lady with a flat tire. Nope....Go find chad or another chump. I'm not your husband or your slave.

Women frequently take advantage of men, their kindness, and chivalry. Expecting a more physically able male to fix all their problems while they sit on their fat ass expecting to coast by on looks alone.


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Women are inferior to me in some ways, but not all ways. Intellectually and physically, I am superior to most, if not all, females. Now there may be a female who is better at college level math than me, or college level biology than me, but thats about it.

Long story short, one time a random female asked me for a favor. I asked her to be my gf but she said no. So I didnt do her the favor.

To summarize, I was born the nicest person in the world. I used to donate hundreds of dollars to charities. But women's cruelty has ruined the niceness I used to have. If it was the past, I would have happily did her the favor. But years of incel and no more niceness.

Also, i blame both males and females in this world for being mean to me. Making a nice person not nice is one of the highest crimes. Thus i am not a sexist and i harbor resentment towards both males and females.
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