Women have it better


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The feminazis were clever enough to infiltrate all levels of government and the justice system and imposed the most stupid, nonsensical rules, all using gender discrimination as the basis for the lack of a common sense argument. Now, almost all cultures in the world glorify women with silly notions such as chivalry, being a gentleman, etc., which the feminazis were clever enough to exploit to their own advantage. Now we are royally screwed, as every time we try to speak up against this discrimination against short ugly hardworking men they scream sexism.

This all came about because women don't want to compromise in finding a mate; they want it all. They know Chad is genetic thing: either you are born a Chad or you are like the rest of us. There is NO guarantee Chads will have the financial resources to back their shopping habits, so they joined forces with idiotic alt left white knights to raise our taxes, and redirect the money to them in the form of welfare payments, child support, etc...that way they can have everything their way: great sex with Chads, money to pay for their greedy shopping habits, and incels to pay their child support and raise their kids (after the women dump their Chad-sired babies at the orphanages; some even stoop so low as garbage dumpsters).

Another problem are the White Knights; Chads or any other man that hopes to get laid by helping out a woman in "distress". Seriously we incels have got to stand together and take these White Knights to court and testify against them. Don't let the Stacy or feminazi frame the court case in their advantage. If the Stacy is involved, for sure there is conspiracy to insult as she was probably offering to put out (non-verbally) in exchange for the White Knight to bully or humiliate the other party.