Women are Ruining Gaming (mmos)


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Any time you get into an arguement with a woman online she will

A. Mention the fact that she's a woman
B. Get extremely offended if you point out that she mentioned her gender for brownie points
C. Gather the other 2-3 females in the guild to rally the guild against you
D. Get you kicked by the white knight cuck GM

Had this happen over and over again in social guilds i join on MMOs. I can't say i really give a shit it's more of a filtering mechanism for me, but man it's RARE for them to not have some sort of pull with whoever's in charge.


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I abhor multiplayer with the exception of playing with people I know, which is so rare you may as well say it never happens.

Imagine playing video games to cope with inceldom and surrounding normtardation and being forced to play together with females and normans. MMOs I couldn't play for more than a month or two before quitting, they are atrocious, even though fairly well-made sometimes.


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Crippleback49 said:
yeah im kinda getting to that point, its easier to just be alone
It's great to be actually alone IMO. The problem with "loneliness" is that you don't get the benefits of being alone, the real peace, quiet and privacy.

I mean, there are still loud and noisy normtards with their unimportant NPC problems roaming around and prying into your affairs whenever it's something they can steal, break, seize by force or just make fun of. And if you can't handle it, you are screwed because you don't have anyone to back you up, you are 'alone'.

Being truly alone is extremely productive, being "alone" can make one suicidal. Basically you get, as they say, the worst from both worlds. Personally I appreciate moments of actual loneliness.


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I actually feel MOST at peace when Im completely by myself, no humans even within sight! Like my apt, its usually DEAD quiet, all my neighbors are soo quiet its like they are corpses! I truly ENJOY the quiet, and get to spend time with my own thoughts, doing whatever I want to do at home.... I dont drink, but just to pass some time, I got a bottle of vodka and orange juice, and got a deep buzz, and laughed myself crazy, pretty uncontrollable... And enjoyed the hell out of it! NOT something I could have done with anyone else around... Peace and quiet and solitude can be PRICELESS! More incels need to learn this...


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Lordgoro said:
More incels need to learn this...
I learned it, all too well...

Also its hard to enjoy meditating like that when you know you are ugly, hairy all over, noone loves you, and also a bit chubby to boot. I used to laugh so much I'd start coughing and vomit. I used to be the class clown. Now it's very hard to ever see me smile. There's nothing to smile about in this world, once you realize the black pill. When you see a woman who's compassionate, or kind, all you know is the reason she is happy is because she is loved by chad, and she also gets lesbian action on the side, and no matter how kind she says she is she will never fuck you...

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I got mogged by a Chad when i was gaming with a foid one time and the bitch stopped talking to me after that. This douchebag explained how he was a "boxer" and worked out, the bitch was immediately hooked onto him after that and never talked to me again. That was my second taste of the Blackpill after years when a foid i liked in school liked my best friend more than me. I just can't have a positive interaction with a foid without her acting like a superficial cünt towards me, they should already take the hint with why i have such a fierce hatred boxed inside of me against them but they won't because the cucks solidify their mind that "they did nothing wrong". This planet is dead to me in GTA.