Why won't girls sleep with me


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My opinion, you probably hold women in too high of regard, and are too nice. You believe them when they say "no hookups" or they are looking for a long term relationship. I assure you, as a former chad (perceived at the time), I have slept with dozens of married women and other "spoken for" ladies. Women get mad, or spiteful and are more than willing to have affairs, without a second thought.

Always remember. If a woman is single/alone, it is by choice. A woman will never understand the loneliness of a man. Point is, stop holding them in high regard. that my 2 cents.
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Girls marry for stability so they could have relationships on the side. Just ask gandalf305 over here lol. Also Gandalf, you should go over to mgtow, our community is a little different in metaphysical aspects. Its like between a raven and eagle kind of difference. In fact many here would consider you a chad. I know I do, but I have some leniency because I felt your life story is a bit depressing, and (i mean it non-perjoratively) sad.


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Your logic is flawed OP.

Your argument and premise is that you should not be single since you're in the navy, have your own home and you are 25. This would mean all men who are in the navy, have their own home and 25 are not single. This would conclude that you feel you're entitled to women for what you have done, but this is not how the world works.

I have seen men with your looks rating find wives and girlfriends, so it must be something you're doing wrong. I do not think you're incel. As incels we are locally and universally undesired due to unsufficient sexual market value, which has been determined based on facial features.


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Not sure if your just a chad trolling or what. It's hard to believe your an incel. But your in the navy so being away might be an issue for some. Try looking in your service for someone. Plenty of women in the navy.
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