Why the mental health industry will never be able to cure us


The issues us men face, are out of reach for the mental health industry. Even if they had any desire to address the issues, they would have no desire to fix the issues.. If they had a desire to fix the issues, they still could not. This is the brutal truth. The "justice" systems are statistically stacked against us. The "education" systems despise us. The workplace views us as disposable meat-suits to be exploited and then abandoned. Law enforcement views us as predators and criminals. Society is highly suspicious of us, no matter what our intent is.

These are issues that are completely out of the hands of the mental health industry. At best, they can give us medication to help us cope, but that is all they can do. The male suіcіde rates will likely rise to numbers never seen before in the 2020's and beyond.


EteRnal Evil.
"Mental health industry" looks like scam or maybe even financial pyramid with all these already involved people spamming everywhere "just get therapy br00, just buy antidepressants br00" as if they are promised a discount for every new person they bring.


Destined Virgin
The thing is once you become blackpilled you are far too gone, no matter how hard you try.

You've seen the world in a new perspective and how it truly is, combating the truth will only present misery and pain.