Why so many men fall for the OnlyFans trap of regulated Simphood


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ONLYFANS gives the illusion of being close to the girl, even though it doesn't make you close to the girl. You're a technological simp whose soul-purpose is to give her money for pics, where many of them are clothed. I once asked a onlyfans provider what you get for £25 a month...she said a few pics a month and the ability to private message her. Most onlyfans private pics can be found on the internet... so i find it hilarious how some guys will pay £25 a month for the priviledge of seeing the same tits and same body in different poses. No female is a special snowflake.

But guys do it to get closer to the girl, because a lot of them think there is a chance of progressing the relationship. It is nothing more than buying a girl a drink in the nightclub modernised for 2021.


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Because are extremly desprete these days because dating apps/technology makes it harder for them to get a date . I write about it here:


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There’s no point in throwing shekels that some foid who doesn’t give a fuck about, the people who do so are just bluebill cucks.