Why normies love sports so much?


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its very cucked being fan of something that is full of millionaires Chads and Tyrones that mog you and that woman find attractive
sports is about who is better Chad not about who is truly better


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I like watching UFC that's it. I watch it for entertainment not for the fighters.

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What, sports are fun. I love martial arts, it teaches me how to beat up others that is stronger than me.


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Some people even riot over sports. This tells a lot about the IQ of the average person.


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I love sports too, primarily football and basketball. I love emotional component it has, whether while watching or playing/participating myself.

Though, it's been over a decade since I last played, but I am planning on trying to come back to recreational courts this summer. I guess I am still not that old to say goodbye.


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fish2016 said:
Not really, just about who is more athletic, calm, and clear headed in situations
not true in sports corruption exist so famous chads and tyrones can always win
Guess who won this fight? The shitty looking guy on the left. It’s not so chads and tyrones can win it’s so the best athlete can win, arguing sports is a looks competition isn’t a real argument, and when fights are thrown it really isn’t all about looks