Why MSTOW is failing


EteRnal Evil.
The self-identified "MGTOW movement" is built on a fake narrative that f*ids not only have agency, but are also scheming harpies that want to take men's possessions away and in other ways manipulate them.

MSTOWcels have a number of fundamentally right points about hole nature, but they never go sufficiently open minded to admit that f*masties are nothing but sex objects and all other meaning that there was to them is nothing but men's construct that is indended to fill the void called f*id with intrinsic value and meaning, akin to that to an actual human being and an individual.

It's the failure of mstowcels to transcend this artificial façade of f*moid humanity that makes them post so much about holes without any theoretical or practical value to what they have to say. On the one hand, the so-called "red pill rage" is a pillar of the common ground between mstowcels and it gives birth to many based memes, fair enough, but on the other hand it gives the manospheran discourse wrong premises and a wrong direction.

All MSTOW movement has to offer to a member is shaming them for refusing to repress their sexuality and accept that soyciety will never consider it important. If it was a real movement for men, it'd advocate for removal of f*id rights or at least the right of men not to have their taxes spent on f*masites. You can't have the "self-sovereignty" that they declare when you don't decide how the people you supposedly elect spend the money that you give them to supposedly make your life better. As a result, your average mstowcel can't realistically obtain the motivation to go his own way for the declared source of this motivation is bogus.

It's no surprise that forums dedicated to MSTOW are now ending up abandoned or become a refuge for the less based and blackpilled incels.


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All the men who claim to be MGTOWs are liars: they are actually are failed manginas(idiots men who tried to get femoids by being manginas, but the femoids send them to the friend zone). Im the sure the youtuber called "sandman" is one of those failed manginas who claims to be MGTOW but actually he got send to the friend zone.


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Imo MGTOW comprises of 2 main groups. The first being MGTOWcels who dont want to identify as incel for fear of shame or their illusions of grandeur there not one of the undesirable.
The second group is men who got burned in a bad relationship and got divorce rаped. Essentially not truecels as they lost their virginity and some may have kids etc they still are still MSTOW. They cant replicate quick results due to not chad and the tinder era turning their once normie status into now incel status.
If they had the choice they would still be living the blue pill lifestyle maybe a bit wiser than before.