why men need the blackpill


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So my friend just got rejected, he is probably like 4 out of 10 (because how he dresses and his poor hygiene) and one of the only attractive traits he has are high cheekbones, but that doesnt really matter because he has a really bloated face. Anyway, me and my friends were chatting to him and telling him if he was going to ask her out, my friends kept pressuring and saying u should ask her out. BUT I KNEW HE HAD NO CHANCE SO I SAID U ARE CERTAINLY GONNA BE REJECTED!his response to me was "shut up idiot, i wont", so i stayed calm and smiled to myself as i tomorrow he wouldnt be glad that he listened to my naive friends. So after that day, he got rejected, this is when the brutal blackpill strikes as the girl ran away with her friend and she looked so anxious, worried and terrified and especially super embarrassed and shamed when my friend went up with her. She was so embarrassed and shamed that she even told her friend to say what she wanted to say, so her friend said that she doesnt like u (to my friend) because u are fat, ugly and stupid (again to my friend), immediately he ran from all of us and the whole class (yes he asked her out in front of the whole grade), we were worried that my friend would hurt himself (thank God he didnt) and he was fine the next day tomorrow. So after a week, i asked him, what matters to girls, looks or personality, he said the heart (which is basically personality) and after that i sighed again in disbelief. More men need this so they could avoid being shamed and naive bluepilled thinkers actually still have the same mindset. Like i want to tell my friend and say, "bro, u legit got rejected because of ur looks and u still have that mindset". Anyway have a good day and God bless you, remember that God loves u and that there is no suffering or pain in heaven.
BTW, as my name says, i am a chad and that girl he likes used to have a big crush on me, (she is like a 7.5) but i have a new crush on a more beautiful girl (who likes me back) but i am to shy to ask her out. BTW, BTW, im sorry for posting this here its probably more appropriate to post this thing in the stories forum section.


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If you read Jesus's words carefully, he states that Heaven exists on Earth, and its up to us, as a society, to create it.

Where is the actual verse where Jesus says that when you die you ascend to the Astral Plane and go to some other dimension called Heaven?


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Sorry to hear about your friend.

He made a big mistake by doing this in front of the whole class, both embarrassing her and himself.

You mention he has a bloated face ... is he fat also? If so, maybe the bloat goes away with good diet and exercise ... absolutely worth a try.

EDIT: Can see now that you are globally banned (thought it was maybe just on the incel lounge) ... well you will see my reply anyway.