Why life sucks (the REAL explanation)


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Here is why life sucks. The beta cucks, white knights are too soggy minded to speak the truf. I will speak the truf and give the real reason life sucks.

I was looking at porn today. Normally I am low t, asexual and apathetic. But not today. Today I looked at porn.

Won't say what kind of porn it was, but it had boobs. Dunno if it was my t, or my e, or my adrenaline, or my oxytocin. But something about my hormones was different. I kept lusting after the boobs like no tommorow. It felt like I was in Heaven with the boobs. I could not get enough of the boobs. I kept fapping and even after I came, I kept lusting for the boobs.

What I'm trying to say is, lusting for boobs is the purest thing there is. And I felt alive, life felt like it had meaning and purpose.

What I'm saying is, women don't lust for males like males lust for women. Women have mediocre lust for males, sort of like a dark sorceress kind of lust. Their lust for males isn't pure or holy.

And this is why life sucks. The male longing for women is a utopia. Yet its impossible for males to get any. The female longing for males is dystopia. And the females have an endless supply of males.

So no matter what, no matter if born male or female, the world is rigged to be dystopia.

You might say lesbians are the exception, but lesbians are kind of numb to the glory of boobs since they had boobs for 18 years.


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In short, in summation:

The male longing for women, is an internal utopia, but it isn't allowed to happen

The female longing for men, is one of 3 things: demonic, dystopia, or mediocre, and it has endless opportunities to happen

Therefore the inherent real world is in ruin, and people seek dream and fantasy worlds instead