Why isn’t she noticing me


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There is this girl I see in the library pretty often she’s quite cute and reads a lot of the books I like but everytime I try to talk to her I end up turning around but I have been trying to sit where she would see me and trying to look nice to get her to talk to me but for the last week or two she just looks at me sometimes and then pretends I’m not there like I’m invisible do any of you guys feel the same way?


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Maybe she’s just trying to read...in a library. Ask her to hang out or something, c’mon man, you got this. And if she rejects, so what? You’ve got nothing to lose bud :) Take it from someone who used to and still constantly has their nose in a book who’s socially awkward as fuck.


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shes probably just shy, try talking to her about like some book shes reading to strike up conversation, if shes a bitch then dont bother. but yea i feel the same way, but i still try to make the first move since most women feel like its their obligation to wait for the man to make the first move which is retarded but not much you can about it .


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Because just sitting in her general area doesn't mean you deserve her attention. You have to start the stuff up or sit there and wonder why you never got her attention. The choice is yours. Don't blame your lack of courage on her but instead swallow down your fear and take a shot. The worst that can happen is you're back to square 1


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Talk about the book she’s reading, she’s not gonna notice you’re interested and she’s probably invested in the book. Women are fucking idiots so if you want something you’ve gotta get it from them or whatever


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Man the fuck up and jus sit beside her and say hows it going?
If she looks yo gay ass in the eye and says im fine, how bout u? then just keep talking to her bout shit and make fun of yourself here and there
but if she jus concentrates on her book even when she say im fine, how bout u, forget about it


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Most women are narcissists, so they tend to notice either themselves or things related to themselves. It sounds like she doesn't care that you and her share similar tastes in literature though. I would suggest somehow getting her to focus on that and how you have things in common to her, and if that doesn't work try flattery, narcissists love to be told how beautiful they are. However, if she is a feminist SJW type, just give up, because it's like trying to be a gay man seducing a straight man, sjw women are inherently disgusted by all males except chads or lucky007s.


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Just approach her and ask her about what she's reading. Be careful about when and where you pull out certain compliments. It's one thing to say "You have a nice taste in books/Great taste in literature" (Either or, really depends on the local dialect) and talk about books and genres, because that shows that you share common ground and can give you a foundation to build off of. Jumping in the deep end and worshipping her and showering her with comments about how beautiful she is likely isn't going to get you anywhere, and might just make you come off as creepy or desperate. If she's a shy girl, she probably isn't looking for that kind of consistent attention. Just try and show interest where appropriate, and depending on how you handle the conversation, you might just make a new friend.