Why everyone hates me?

Adam Manuel

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I don't really care about this, but, everyone hates me, my "friends", everyone who met me in real life basically rejects me so fucking bad with no reason, i'm not a bad person, i never had a girlfriend and when i try to talk with a girl, they reject me!, also, i was that weird kid at school that everyone hated and rejected, everyone hates me! For nothing, my life has been a fucking shit since i was born because of my father who basically abused and traumatized us, as if that were not fucking bad, i was diagnosed with lots of mental problems including possible ASPD 2 years ago, this is enough!, i fucking hate you all too, specially all the fucking stacys, chads and shit, every fucking girl is the same FUCKING trash, they deserve to die


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Yes, society treats the mentally ill poorly. If you are born sub 7 with mental problems, it’s over