Why does everyone on this site seem to hate Reddit?


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Genuine question.
Is it just because they ban the posts/subs related to incel topics or do you just hate the site in general?
Does anyone contribute to any of the non-incel related subs that are to do with their hobbies etc?
I found this sub reddit called ForeverAloneDating.
I'm enjoying reading the personal ads on it. Has anyone else ever browsed this sub?
I also like the r/heroin sub. Some interesting stories on there.


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The site sucks and lacks features on Facebook, Tumblr, etc.
And yet, they censor incel content despite allowing nudity, fascism and other hate stuff which is hypocritical.
The discussion threads and comment loading also sucks


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I enjoy browsing a niche few subs, but that's about it.


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Reddit is a like a huge message board for left-wing orientated ideology. But there are decent subs.


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reddit culture is something i despise from my core, but that being said it has some good posts every now and then in some niche subreddits, for instance ps4 hacking, there is a good community for beginners after which they can move to actual forums. Simply put their wiki for certain niche things are awesome and will save your time from researching stuff yourself. But forget discussion there. Its a retаrded culture centred around upvotes and this is coming from a person who moderated a subreddit with around 80k users.


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Don't really mind reddit, there are all sorts of people there, sure there are some I cannot stand and then there are some that I really like. It's kinda like the real world, reddit is: some people you like, some you don't.