Why does every "virgin" girl that talk to incels

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EdgarTheDog64 said:
leafrain said:
You're assuming I'm not a virgin because I know how vaginas work. Either way, I'm simply saying that it can be physically difficult to determine someone's virginity. It's easier and better to just trust the person you're banging. Sorry for any confusion, but I've already accidentally spammed this thread. My bad :(
Answer the question you filthy public toilet
What's the question?
You filth, get the fuck back in the kitchen.


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Amiya said:
OysterSauce said:
How the hell did this explode like this? For Christ's sake, chill.
Chilling is for normies and gaylords.
Chilling is for true men who don't take themselves too seriously. Do you know who take themselves too seriously? That's right: normies, gaylords and, last but certainly not least, women.
So you are saying, that you are a normie, because you like chilling?

Normies always chill same as women, so your argument already lost.