Why are women on here?


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I came here because I thought I’d get away from women but I come on here and all i see is women posting garbage and just trying to “research” on incels like we aren’t normal. I hate women so much they always have to get their scummy hands in everything even here. They try to spread bullshit that we need to change, become more confident. To no give up because will find someone yet they have partners while all of us incels have no one that even notices us. Women are lying cunts


Well first of all it’s not just research I’m developing a large scale treatment model to offer specific services to incels that I’m expecting to take 2-3 years before the program starts. Plus I have to organise training with the police academy to do lectures there same as I do for mental health and teach police how to interact and handle situations. Then I have to work on a legal diversion system so that you don’t end up in jail.

How awful of me to spend 5+ years of my life trying to make yours better.

Also if you don’t like women why are only in the blue pill section? My analysis of your behaviour is that you WANT women to respond to you. It’s like a child in a store who wants candy and the patent says no so the kid has a temper tantrum until the parent just gives them candy to shut them up. Your responses aren’t normal so your either looking for attention or you have split personality disorder.


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Tbh hanging around in this section if you want to see no foids is pretty low IQ. Not that I like the fact they are here.
I'm not exactly a man nor exactly a woman but I hope my presence does not disturb you.

You can view non-direct-incels as allies? It's always good to have allies, Incels aren't the only one suffering sets of problems, different groups may share same problems which explains why you see other groups of people.