Why are women favorite books and movies consumed with relationships


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I am gonna try pulling some psychoanalysis stuff here. A little thinking inside the mind of pseudo-intellectual .:honk:

Females are often presenting their romance dreams similar to the story Allie from movie "Notebook" had, but literally 0% of them actually acts like they want to live through same things, but rather going totally opposite direction.
I think that the reason women are so into these kind of things is simple - they crave the thematic of character buildout because they are subconsciously aware that they are unable to control themselves. I believe they often suppress some self-guilt because of that too. They crave the relationship stories and heartbreaking tales because they incapable of "harboring" their own. I was already writing on another topic that I believe they are, simply put, programmed to have affairs. So that kind of material is a perfect temporary way out of reality for them to settle down the inner remorse they feel.

Superego inside their personality is screaming for help as it's totally powerless to force upon any moral and logic in their behavior which is typically consumed with promiscuity and looseness. That's just one of the many biological differences between males and females. Of course, I am talking about the fact that we (males) are so much better at surpressing primitive part of brain (which is btw "in charge" for emotions) and at giving control to our superego to impose some basic ethical norms into our behavior.
I guess that's why they are called "sensitive gender" (even though that expression is very arguable if we use more creative uptake in word "sensitive") - they are primarily driven by their senses and emotions. That also explains why they have no "filter" in all the insults they often squeezing through their filthy mouth so easily when they get even a little upset.

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I agree and disagree. First, men can consume them too. Some incels here are romantics too so they ended up consuming those stuffs.

Women consume it for the fairy tales and fantasies of it, not exactly because they can't control it. Let's take Fifty Shades. It talks about domination and submission and the book is consumed by a lot of women. Women wanted to be submissive and to be led. It's about sexual fantasies. Like men fantasized stories of heroism and valor which something women rarely fantasize about. Women don't think about saving a country or conquering the world. They wanted to be carried away. For men, heroism and sex.
Gladiator/Spartacus. It goes down to biology and what we crave and desire.


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