When Chad turns out to be a psycho

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This bitch ( a beautician) was stabbed to death by her cage fighter boyfriend.
She actually looks evil . There are more and more of these kind . Vain beyond decency, only interested in genetic scum.


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Look at that botoxed upper lip. Disgusting. What an ugly woman. She looks evil alright.

As for the first article a lot of is only hearsay. Nobody but them really knows what transpired in that field before the two people found her and called the police. And those bruises on her upper arm could have easily been from him just restraining her while she was attacking him, or trying to destroy his property. My father was a cop in Virginia for 11 years. He said that 9/10 times whenever responding to a situation where a woman called reporting that a significant other was violently abusing her it would be the woman herself who would end up going to jail. Whenever they would roll up to the residence they would usually see the woman beating on the man as the poor guy was only trying to restrain her to protect himself. That was in the early 90s though and sadly things have changed. These days police ranks are swelled with white knight cucks, and a woman's word is as good as gold in the courts. Women know this very well.

Don't forget that women are master manipulators. If you look closely at their texts it doesn't appear like she's very concerned with any of his threats. Notice how she says "I'm going to block you because you're being aggressive." Yeah, he said some pretty nasty stuff but he's obviously very immature, and probably not all that bright. Young people threaten to kill eachother all the time. She probably knew exactly what buttons to press. It looks to me as if she was goading him into saying all that stuff while simultaneously visualizing how the exchange would look in court. You gotta always read between the lines. Then again maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she really was just a victim (innocent or otherwise). Maybe I'm just baised because of all the deceptively evil behavior I've seen women commit in my personal life.