What's with all this whining about femoids?


Brazilian sexual marxist.
"I want to die because femoids don't want me". Has anyone here noticed the actual state of modern women? they're std infected, boring, ugly, fat and have low IQs. The problem is that a lot of you have fallen in love with the idea of having a relationship. You imagine a perfect scenario with a 10/10 JB who doesn't even exist. You want a relationship, but you've forgotten about all the hassle you'd have to put up with to make it work. It's not even worth the effort. Women are trash.

The only solution to this modern dilemma is a 100% patriarchal society where JBs as young as 10 would get married off to older men of means. But we live in a society where women are allowed to fuck multiple chads way into their 40s and 50s without any restraint. Long gone are the good times where such women would be stoned for their betrayal against men.

So quit the whining, boyos. Let's bring patriarchy back in its full glory. Woe to anyone who stands in our way.