What's the soyest sounding language in the world?


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In my opinion, it's probably the Japanese language. It sounds so soft and feminine. I can't imagine a serious conversation being carried out in Japanese. It's an awful language for business. On the other hand, German sounds based and manly. I wish I could speak German with proficiency.


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Russian sounds better and is more beautiful to me. I speak both


Russian mogs German imo

Japanese doesn't sound that feminine, it's probably because you only get to hear Japanese when you're watching cartoon teenage foids

English is pretty soy


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English sometimes but pronounce tend to be clear and hard with a limit while Russian always sounded very soft and thus incredibly annoying for me. It sounds like very slimy (sry my bois/bros) simping pusѕy licking grrrr. To be fair, it all depends on who and how the certain language is told. My own language can be very fuсking soy to the barely tolerable level if its been spoken by a soy fаggot in soft whispering.