What to do you hate?


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My personal list:

1. Football
2. People who explain everything in parables.
3. Psychics who charge money for their "services".
4. The sound of eating when the mouth is open.
5. [C]rap music/hip-hop.
6. Megachurches.
7. Leftist politicians.
8. Star Trek [and anything similar].
9. Trannies.
10. Almond joys [especially as a little kid].
11. Ketchup.
12. People who eat cornbread by dipping it in milk.
13. Almost all movies made after 1969.
14. Faggot cartoons like the one with the crystal aliens.
15. The Last of Us 2.
16. The spelling of the Gaelic language.
17. China.
18. Sitcoms based on the comedy of nothing [Seinfeld, Friends etc..].
19. "French culture" a.k.a being an ass to be an ass.
20. Christopher Hitchens.
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