What makes the modern church cucked is that they encourage the young foids to go to college instead of getting a husband


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They'll even help the young foids get scholarships to go get banged out by Chad at the university. (At my church, the pastor dug into his own pocket to pay for the church girls' tuition; I don't recall him ever doing that for any of the young men, though; I think he didn't favor them as much because they weren't such good students of the Bible as the girls were.)

The church will set really high standards for how good of a Christian a guy needs to be, to be a fit husband; and meanwhile the girls will get tired of waiting for Mr. Perfect Christian and go get banged out by some unbelieving Chad or Tyrone; or at the very least, they'll harbor fantasies of doing that while the flower of their youth slowly fades and wilts as their spinsterhood goes on.

What the church should do, is when a girl reaches marriageable age, say, "Go ahead and marry the best available man, even if he's not perfect. It's better to do that, than to fornicate or become a spinster."


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Religion is a scam however i agree with this. Religious foids are still sluts as non religious foids are and the church doesn't stop there sluttynes