What is your opinion on Ellіot Rodger? (Serious)


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I read his manifesto a couple of years ago and I related to his feelings of isolation.
But he was very mentally ill (which is why he went on a killing spree) and his opinions do not represent any incel community. He's also the reason why retаrded mainstream journos think incels have very high standards (because Ellіot only wanted blonde girls - due to the fact that he was bullied by one). Also, if you read the latter part of his manifesto (where he talks about his vision of a perfect future for humanity) you can tell he's completely batshit insane, and it even reflects on his writing - he repeats himself a lot, for example.


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He was not an incel, he was a volcel: he was tall and rich, so he could easily find another place to live and get a woman to love...but, that idiot instead only did horrible things...


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Another dumb bitch. And another repeated question again. Jesus... You don't know how to fuсking lurk.
That other wh*re asked you if there was a female only discord, which only exist with the sole purpose of making fun of this forum. You should talk us about that, wh*re.

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cerealstraws said:
Genuine question. I see many people on this website do not claim him as an incel, but he is usually portrayed as such on social media due to his hatred towards women.
I suppose if the media portrayed you as a child mοlester that means you are one right?
These normies' brains are so corroded with media lies that they'll believe whatever the cancel culture mob of freaks say and go along with it.