What is up with all these programmercels making features or apps that reduce the chances of unattractive people getting a girlfriend

pussyslayer 649

Avanti Savoia
There is a new feature on iPhone12, it can know a person's height from the camera(For the programmercel that made this, you just made it harder for a generation of people to get married ) It is so annoying, it was hard from the start and these programmers make it harder, jeez. That is my little rant for today.


Incels.Net Master
They are programming it for their bored wives, to make it easier for them to find a tall chad.


Mexican Incel
The fucking society really hates us the short height men. And i, being the most short height member here, can feel it more...how the society hates me...


Drifter NEET Incel
Kinda playing devil's advocate but, the reason they are doing this is because they make money off of making it.