What improve your personality really means


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This seems to be the normie's favorite advice. They've said it so many times it's become a meme at this point.
The meaning is clear, it means "be more like us" plain and simple. To be a normie is to to be a sheep, someone who conforms obediently to the status quo set by their shepherds, and is programmed to weed out all who don't fit in to the herd.

That's where this piece of ѕhit advice comes from. It's not about helping us, it's about trying to remove us from their world by assimilating us into it. Kind of like the bodysnatchers: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTP_SdjD5ms&feature=youtu.be&t=102
That's what improve your personality truly means, just stop being you because you're not like us.

Do you like devilish rock and roll or anything that isn't sissy numale pop music i.e. Justin Bieber? Well too bad because that's what you've got to start listening to, because that's what the whaymans like. That and (c)rap music, that's what they shake their asses to in the club. Speaking of clubs.

Are you a shy, introverted person who doesn't generally like venturing out into the toxic cesspool of society? Well fuck that, you've got to become mr extrovert and walk straight into the club with your charisma maxxed, status maxxed, alcohol tolerance maxxed and all the dance moves in the world mastered. There's nothing you can do about your face and dick size though.

Do you like your hair's natural shape and color? Well that ѕhit's lame in 2019 Br0. You've got to get a "modern" hairstyle that makes you look like a soyboy hipster faggot. www.ladshaircuts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Stylish-Mohawk.jpg

Doing all this will finally get you a whayman, and now you must be obedient to her. Obey all her commands, raise the children she's had with chad, become a wagecuck and give her your paycheck which she'll spend at the club and end up bringing home another chad. Live this lifestyle until she decides she wants another cuck servant and kicks you to the curb.

That's your reward for spending years worth of your time and money to become someone you're not and someone you never wanted to be. You can't like video games or sci-fi movies, as a matter of fact you can't be geeky or nerdy about anything. You're not allowed to have unpopular opinions, or speak your mind at all really. Intelligence in general isn't too favorable overall, you're really better off without it. That's the way things are in 2019. That's what you've got to do in order to become worthy of being a whaman's slave.

I say fuck that. If these are the terms and conditions of a relationship these days then I am truly better off without. Call it a cope, call it volcel, which it may very well be both of, but still you can't deny that there's so much truth in it. I'd rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I am not.
Normies cope by telling incels that they have a chance at experiencing love by subverting their own realities and convincing themselves that if they were in their position that they would easily obtain the same amount of sexual partners as an "incel" as opposed to the other way around. They fool themselves more than they fool actual incels.

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Exactly, being a Normie is being a sheep, however they won't accept you anyway as one of them, and that's sad cuz we incels only have each other
We will keep coping together until the end of this shitty world