What does it say about people who spy on incel forums?


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I mean, we're just a bunch of lonely, pathetic guys that nobody cares about in real life and possibly would rather not have around at all.
Are we really that threatening? I don't think being a member on this forum makes me a bad person nor does anything I've expressed so far.
Or it is just us finding community; maybe our own collective voice that bothers them?

The first time I went overseas looking to find a partner, I remember how angry some of my female coworkers were.
They weren't interested in me. And it's not like I was forcing myself on anyone.
But I was cheating the system. I'm supposed to stay down; be alone; be unhappy.

What does it say if an ugly man can find love, but a cute young woman can only find one-night stands or short term relationships?
Is that what bothers them so much? That maybe we can find fellowship? Maybe we can find solutions to our challenges that they can't?
Maybe we can have a greater impact on society, even with our small numbers, even with external forces trying to shut us down, than they can.

I sometimes fear people will find me out. Maybe someone in my real-life network will be tipped off about my online incel identity and share it with others.
(They don't like my Facebook posts or subscribe to my YouTube videos. All of my public life interests are of no interest to them.)
But maybe you are reading this right now.
Well, I'm not guilty.
You, with your limited time and energy, are the one intruding on my free time and my private life.
Me, a nobody.
What kind of person searches for evidence on a person of a marginalized group for the dual purpose of shaming and silencing them?
Maybe you should reflect on that.
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I assume a lot of the people that spy on these forums do so because they've heard about self-described incels on the news after committing acts of terror and label all of us as terrorists, as well. They come here thinking they're the top psychologists in the western world and they can identify which of us will be the next terrorists and what personality disorders we possess.

I hate to tell you soyboy fags reading this, but a majority of the people on this forum are normal functioning human beings. I suppose some are diagnosed with autism, even though there's nothing apparently wrong with them and the standard for diagnosing someone with autism has become significantly wider in recent years. But I, for instance, have never been diagnosed with any sort of brain disorder. I had a doctor's visit in the past year where it was noted that I didn't show any symptoms of depression (specifically) or any other mental illness. And it's not political, either, because I typically vote for the more moderate candidate in elections, including Biden in this most recent election (although I didn't hate Trump like most other people who voted for Biden do. I liked his part of his foreign policy and thought he had a great opportunity with Mike Pence as VP to replicate Indiana's healthcare system on a national basis to cut costs and still provide insurance to those who absolutely need it. I just didn't vote for him because I think he's fucking nuts. Would've voted for Romney if I was old enough in 2012, though).

Normies come to this forum in hopes to seek out their own confirmation bias. Well, I guess it's a shame for them that we're just everyday people. I'm not violent, I'm not the "quiet kid who sits at the back of the classroom," I'm not a 500-pound sad sack of shit who does nothing but look at this forum all day. I'm mildly successful for my age, and I'm simply smart enough to understand that I'll never get married or be in a relationship because I'm too short for 95% of women to want to date and I'm not facially attractive, which are the sole traits guiding relationships nowadays. If you're one of the spy fags who disagrees, pull your head out of your ass and look around, dumbfuck.

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The more insecure someone is the more they will
Let they’re insecurities do most of the talking the truth is that the people spying on this forum are the people who just dig for the worst of the worst just to spread the bad perception of us.

cancel culture truly is a cancer on society is brought power to those who failure to understand the matter of subjective topics and what people need to understand is that most people make topics targeting those with a similar interest to them.

most people don’t make topics for going against others interests and those who do are malicious trolls with no life that’s how I would see the sjw’s that want to villainise people who disagree with them as much as possible.

what you guys are saying is right and I find it relatable for example I’m aware that most things about me place me on the rigged side against getting a lady and I’m aware that most of us don’t have evil intentions the problem with the people who spie on these accounts is that they get attention from Villainising us based On the rim test number of us and for any ignorant person I think it’s hot neccerary to imply we’re not all evil because I know we’re not all evil