What does it really mean to be incel


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I'm 18, and have never had sex or a gf, despite multiple crushes. Does that make me an incel? If so, why?


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Dont ask genuine questions here, you will get bullied and demonized. Exactly like the "bullies" the incels are complaining about. The staff here are ideologues, stay away friend


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to be a incel is to be a loser
ur stil a virgin, so what?
unless u got some obesity or shitty health, u got about 12-17 years to get a woman
i think ur balls r fukkin tiny that u cant stop blushing seeing your crush
man if u aint hitting the gym, hit it now instead of using the internet and eat a lot of meat after working out
youll eventually see results and women will start drooling over u
Its fuckin science mothafukka


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Still very young. But by your age I was already attempting suіcіde because I felt so ugly.

I don't try to find women because I don't want to look an idiot. If you have given up then that makes you a true incel. But I think there are many kinds of incel from what I've seen in this forum.