What do you frens believe what happens after we die?


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Do you guys believer in heaven, or reincarnation, or do you just become energy in the universe?

I like to believe after this shitty life, I finally get admitted into heaven because of my suffering, hopefully in heaven it is like a sandbox game, create my own universe that respects me as an alpha chad and do whatever I want.

If don't believe anything happens after we die, what would you like to happen after you guys die?
hope that happens to you bro, personally think that when we die we find nothing, it's like being deeply asleep, i think it's a wonderful feeling. we become lifeless matter, which as a law of life and death we will feed the next generation of scavengers so that the cycle continues.


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What do you mean death? I am immortal aren't you guys immortal? I already lived for centuries.

Jokes aside, i am afraid you will get reincarnated, that one makes the most sense to me since there is actual proof to it which can be found on the internet. I hope my next life will be CHAD! Some type of Chad with alot of money who is a lowkey celebrity or something. Make money, but do not get recognized as much.

Another possibility... The circle of life (who knows if we all have multiple lifes here in the earths cycle) everything goes around in a circle. So eventually the universe will die out and start over again. So... we will be back at this exact point again someday.


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I believe we live the same life for eternity.
I think that after you die you are reborn and live exactly the same life, with this process continuing forever.