What do you blame the most for your inceldom?

What do you blame most for your inceldom?

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I cast my vote to Personality, even though I could blame my genes as mental set is usually inherited from your parents.
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My physical features and the fact that I have autistic traits and and schizophrenia. All of this is genetic.

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These graphs show that less women was in love with their first intercourse partner and more women have intercourse with other women, that means that they force them self to have intercourse with other women which I found to be a self harming behavior. They show that it is only because of feminism we are sexuall frustrated. It can not be only for your bad genes because your bad genes must come from somewhere. Your parents probably have bad genes and they got together. You see that the genes only has a value because of feminism. Ugly men got together with girl before feminism, before feminism there was a balance.