What do you blame the most for your inceldom?

What do you blame most for your inceldom?

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I cast my vote to Personality, even though I could blame my genes as mental set is usually inherited from your parents.
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My physical features and the fact that I have autistic traits and and schizophrenia. All of this is genetic.

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These graphs show that less women was in love with their first intercourse partner and more women have intercourse with other women, that means that they force them self to have intercourse with other women which I found to be a self harming behavior. They show that it is only because of feminism we are sexuall frustrated. It can not be only for your bad genes because your bad genes must come from somewhere. Your parents probably have bad genes and they got together. You see that the genes only has a value because of feminism. Ugly men got together with girl before feminism, before feminism there was a balance.


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As a ricecel, I think my issues are due to:

Unions, high taxes, government redistribution of wealth have basically taken money from incels and given to Chads and Stacies: ie single sl*t moms on welfare, celebrity actors, athletes, singers, etc. Before welfare there were no celebrities because nobody spent money on entertainment as they had to save for rainy days. Once the New Deal came about, people realized they would get money no matter what so spent money on movies, popcorn, the local ball game, etc., and that's how the Chads robbed the incels.

fuсking Hollywood loves to promote stereotypes of ricecels which made us the target of constant bullying by the femoids, Chads and Stacies, and put ricecels in a position such that no matter how hard they worked or how much they earned, they became despised by foids all around them, including other east asian foids.

Most east asians are short by genetics, which is a big turnoff for foids. I used to like this stupid programmer woman colleague but she picked the taller, lazy and low income singer over me. Used to feel sad but now I just cannot believe how much stupidity has been programmed into women.


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In fact, I know an east asian foid so fuсking stupid she married and works to support a worthless cuckboy who sits around at home all day jerking off to online Pοrn. Lazy bum hasn't worked for over six years, but he's tall...(like six feet)...


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I was in my prime in my 20's but was in no way prepared for it. I blame my depression and my dermatologist for not allowing to reach my full potential. There was no effective treatment for acne; my doctor didn't treat the issue serious enough. And what little strength I had was wasted fighting depression.
I' m low-ability already. I couldn't compete with those kinds of setbacks.

I also blame God. I feel with a little more divine direction I could have had the conviction to prepare myself more or God could have led me to someone that could love me. He did neither.