What do you blame the most for your inceldom?

What do you blame most for your inceldom?

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I choose genes becuse im ugly, i have bad teeths, im a manlet, being a manlet its brutal there are no rest from anything anywhere go, also im so stupid and insecure talking with foids.


I guess my looks and personality. Grew up with a girl who would remind me how ugly I am every day, and that ѕhit carried on with me for years and now I'm just a nervous wreck when I try to speak to any woman. The fact that every girl appears annoyed or disgusted whenever I try to interact just proves what that tw*t used to tell me.


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The belivers of chad BS are still too brainwashed….

Today its only the bigot system which turns for nothing overfed, overpaid and overspoiled foids in woerk- and sexlazies….

Even hardestcore rassicist nazі ladies were after the bigot occupation of western Germany ready again, to suck meters of BBCs for a bar of chocolate….



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Voted for option genes and feminism. I would say that I'm somewhere at the bottom 25-40% regarding looks. I would still be disadvantaged in a society without feminism but not as much as I am today. Feminism caused a sexual crisis that affected the least attractive males first, just like an economical crisis affects poor people first.
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i would say stupidity and shyness.

i fully acknowledge and agree that looks are almost everything. (and that has not worked in my favor as well), but i would say in my case, mostly stupidity and shyness.

i was just thinking about this today: i remember at a 6th grade dance, this girl wanted to dance with me and a lot of the other boys and girls were trying to get me to dance with her, but i just wouldn't/couldn't do it. She was the popular cheerleader type. Good personality too---wasn't stuck up. That's like someone trying to give you gold.

How fuсking stupid can you get?
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Oddly, it's not in the option.

I blame women's inability to love.
I blame women's inability for honesty.
I blame women's inability to have poor judgments with their life choices and demanding, at the end, to have something great when they obviously got pleasured by their horrible abusive chads.


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Drug problems and borderline personality disorder which makes me feel weak, depressed and more which is something women hate since they hate ''weak men''or if your mentally ill of course but u cannot just ignore the fact that women are fucked up themselves they are manipulative, lack of emotions and stealing, weird sexual fetishes like incest for example etc. But i accepted the fact that im that weak guy which is why i have a baby like personality.
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Jesus Christ, if I had to pin it to one thing, probably the mental instability caused be being rаped, beaten and almost killed by my only ever girlfriend. Insanitypill.