What did I do to deserve this?


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All alone, my mother is dead and my father died of a heart attack and my brother died 5 years ago in a car-crash. I'm all alone with nobody besides me and I end up asking myself why did this happen to me? I tried finding a woman but they end up fooling me, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Having guy friends is out of the equation because since childhood my worst enemies were guys I befriended. Somehow all my friends and I turned against each other down the road or they stopped hanging out after a girl came into the picture or we had a big fight and ended things.

The few problems with Incels is lack of substance and that's why I left many forums because it seems some of the people on other forums are acting. Being an Incel isn't about sex because I'm not a virgin, I lost my virginity to a prostіtute and I can get any prostіtute that I can afford rather it's about connection and love. What if you love someone but you couldn't ever have sex so, would that somehow make that person Incel?

The reasons why I will never be in a relationship or find love.

1. I'm cold and even my mother told me.
2. I'm never good with women.
3. I'm average looking.
4. I'm not wealthy rather lower middle-class.

Fellow Incels if you have your brother or sister then please give them a hug because some of us are all alone. I hope in this forum we can share our true feelings instead of hiding behind anger to seal our feelings. Many Incels hide behind hate to mask their pain and misery but please don't be afraid to share your true feelings and misery.


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Lucifer said:
Fellow Incels if you have your brother or sister then please give them a hug because some of us are all alone.
How could a sister ever be alone? Even if she were a -1 on SMV she could still fuck a hundred men in 60 seconds. (not even exagerating)

My advise is: Only spend time with the blackpilled men


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You didn’t do anything to deserve being alone. The world is not fair. The universe is not fair. You are as worthy of love as anyone is unless no one is. I wish you peace , understanding, and compassion my friend.


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I believe you’ll find love, anon. With how women are these days you’ll have to be careful. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve and jump into things, we’re evil. Myself, as a woman, KNOWS first hand after being friends with some pretty nasty females that most of us are just looking to fug. If you don’t give up but don’t try too hard to find a decent girl I think one will come along. I wish you luck n be safe king


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You didn't deserve this. Anyone with a good heart does not deserve a fate as cruel as that, but you can't change that. You must move forward. Spend some time to learn about yourself. Find something you like to do. There are many forums online to help you talk about these issues. Maybe you can go to the park or at a social gathering and talk to some people. What I'm saying is... keep your head up. I believe in you. You'll find happiness. Best of wishes


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I’m so sorry you had to go through this, no one deserves to be treated like that no matter what. I wish you the best of luck and I’ll send all of my love your way. If you need anyone to talk to my DMs are always open. Take care of yourself and stay safe.