What computer games do you like


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Just curious what you lads like playing. Also curious if there is an incel trend for particular genres.

I used to compensate for my incel emasculation by training hard on fighting games. I used to compete in tournaments in Street Fighter and Soul Calibur.

My 40 year old fingers can no longer take the pounding that fighting games demand. So now I shoot small children on call of duty.

What games do you play and how does it help or hinder your inceldom?

ps, I also like Japanese turn based rpgs because I am a shameless webe.


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The assassins creed series.
I find they really take me out of reality for hours at a time.
I am also very interested in history so it’s nice to visit places like England at the time of Viking conquests, Paris during the French Revolution etc.

Video games help deal with some peoples inceldom because they give you some feeling of achievement. Completing missions, levelling up etc all help you forget that you are a failure in the real world because you, or at least in my case, have inferior social skills. They are also genuinely fun at times, which is something uncommon in our daily lives.