What are you´re experience with Cyber and STALKING.


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I do not consider my self a True INCEL - i am what you call a HALF-incel...

Anyway - what have i done?

How did i end up a Stalker -

this is Random hardboiled down Story about my past years experience. wiht my second oneitis subjekt...

it startet with me meeting her at a place for people wiht mental dissabilties - previous to that i had been living like a cavetroll a few years in my own apartment fleeing away in video games...
one day i got convinced to get out and be social - and so i joined this place. here i met M. she a polyogimous bisexual shorty with severe ADHD was a EyeCatcher and became mostly the soul reason
for me going their - i startet to take up yoga at the place cuss she invited me to it and that became our connection. - sadly i got some some competion from another psyco half incel..

good guy really( if it wasent for his psyco tendencies).. and it ended wiht us both me and him getting emotionally screwed by this little attention seeking libidoes woman.

anyway on to the main story - she kept me and him orbitting around her for her lesure at the place for a year.. and the other guy was first to feel her wrath - she suddenly ghosted him and he was hospitalized for being manipulated so badly he swore that he would never date again...

stupid as i was i followed suit on this succubus of emotionel wreakage..

i had her number she had given to me but when i messaged or called her she startet to play her games wiht me.. to the point

where i stupidly confessed i was obsessed wiht her. we agreed to no contact after that.

yet i would still meet her at the place and i had been at her home where she almost offered herself to me for some special beers where she then turned around on a dime. and refused -

the following time we had agreed to no contact was aqward when we went to the same place i would leave her alone but she would start contacting me again.. and yet to what would happen was

fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me...

so that happened.. she would flaunt and torment me unconciously when i went to place we boht where for mental issues - she would meet people and talk to them -

and i was all akward cuss she had not let go of me yet..

then the day came where she discovered how far my obsesion had gone. and she asked me to stop - i agreed but for the past 16 month i had increasingly stalked her... wihtout her knowing...

i felt that she owed me for all the mojo she had stolen from me - and all the things i supported her wiht..

today im not prowd of what happened and i still get the urges to see her. but she does not live 50m from me anymore and she has a girlfriend and a boyfriend now...

i know what i did wrong i was to focused on her and where she was going in life to get my own life startet - but somewhere along the way i feel like she stole my mojo..

and that what it all boils down to... im convicted for minor stalking and im not allowed to in anyway interact wiht her.. for 5 years. and i got a 500 doller ticket for public obsenary. taking naked pictures and voyarism..

we where friends... but she got all the benefits of this failed relationship... + got me punished for what was kinda rightfully so...

how did i end up a stalker - well i was the frog in the keddle and she slowly turned up the temperture to it was tolate for me.

i wish i could tell the full story of what happened i wish you the reader was their to experience it. the bipolar ways of how this woman treated me :roll:


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No such thing as a half-incel. Getting laid in a one-night stand 5 years ago or buying a hooker does not count as ascencion.

Stalking occurs in feminist countries, where men are not allowed to get laid or buy a prostіtute, so they obsess about women who don't give 2 shits about them. It's the gambling psychology, they've already wasted too much time with a girl so they cling to her like a gambler clings to a broken game that he always loses.