Was asked if I was a burn victim, kill me


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Have a fucked up skin condition, causes scarring.

Started talking to girl from class (5/10). Start talking regular, enjoy her company. After a few drinks last week she asks me what happened to my neck, was I in a fire.

Thought my skin looked okay that night. Wanted to kill myself. Haven't talked to her since.

Why are femoids always like this? She wasn't even that good looking.


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Drinking probably didnt help her inhibitions but I'm sorry. It doesnt sound to me like she meant harm. I mean the fact she was out with you at all seems like a positive sign to me... but nonetheless, I can see why that would be upsetting.


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She’s just an idiot, no one in their right mind should ever ask something like that. Quite frankly she’s just a bitch.


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Please don’t say that. I’m sure she meant no harm in that question. I’m sure you look nice, with or without the condition. Perhaps if you just explain to her what it is, she’ll understand what she did was wrong. It was rude of her to ask that, even if she meant no harm.


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That's harsh. Honestly sometimes drinking will cause us to ask the dumbest questions, sometimes ones that will be insensitive to a person. I know a couple people(me included) who actually find scarring and other imperfections very attractive. I guess super perfect girls just deter me anyways.


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You have a simple choice. Grow a pair and deal with it, or give up.

If you choose to give up, don't ask someone else to kill you.