Wanted to die, my supposed "best friend" who is just a loser like me dated the girl I have a crush on in high school and keep flaunting it to me


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I have this friend back in high school through games and anime, thought he would be like me basically beta loser. Fast forward 4 years later opening up social media and voila the bastard was posting pictures together with this girl I really liked back then. MF must have been dating her all this time and not saying a single word to me. I thought he would be like me or at least not dating the bitch that rejected me back then. Went to dm him and he was really banging non stop like a chad for 4 years now. Really wanted to end myself rn.


Any man that doesn't put bro's before ho's ... is a disgrace. ALWAYS put bro's first. Sorry to hear your "friend" tortured you like that OP.