Wanna know how to bulk up? Easy. Follow my full proof 3 step guide.


Sasaki said:
SpiritAnimal said:
I already tried that, it only works if you have good genetics or else you look the same, I gymmaxxed for four years.
Thank fuck I'll start enhanced, Natty is a meme.
Thanatos said:
Put it in salad
Just eat leaves bro!
Just inject hormones bro! You won't get gyno bro! xD
Gyno is caused by supraphysiological levels of Estrogen, which won't occur if you keep your Test injections low (Provided you don't aromatize like a 0.000001% Truecel and get a fuck ton of E) or if you inject ones which don't aromatize to begin with. Even if the levels are high, you can fight them with Tamoxifen or a more hardcore option like AI.